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see you one hour from now on the fox business network with senator john thune of south dakota on the growing cost of the healthcare bills. if you don't get f.b.n. -- >> demand itgejñ?ñ?! [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute^ glenn: hello, america. during the town hall meeting 3-rbgs 5% of the meet said they supported government healthcare insurance. in the 1990's, hillary care had 36% support. remember how quickly we abandoned that and hillary and this is less support, and for the first time in history, gallop has just take and new poll, is it the government's responsibility to provide healthcare, yes or no? for the first time in history, we now say no, it is not. in fact, in the last year, it's been a 16% drop, 16
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percentage points in the last decade it has fallen 44 points. wow, it seems to be that we're sending very clear messages here. we don't want government healthcare, and yet they keep pushing for it. who's pushing for it? who has a more important voice than you? i'll show you. you got to make a decision tonight. you're a revoluntionary! is it this guy, or this guy? hello, america. we've got a great show for you tonight. stick around for the whole hour, if you will. we want to talk a little bit first about healthcare, but it's much deeper than that. i mean, over at nbc, they're having green week. that's great. al gore is going to be on.
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oh! he's dreamy! i mean, in a wooden puppet sort of way. they're going to be asking everybody to go green over at nbc, and to turn on the television and watch t.v. and i've been trying to figure this out >> all day because in california they're trying to ban big-screen t.v.'s so g.e. -- i'm trying to -- wouldn't have people -- i mean, if they turn turn on the -- don't think about it too much because it doesn't make sense. today, while nbc is having green week, we're going purple, and in fact, we've invited some guests. you see what i'm saying? the purple shirt people. these are the people that can -- are the only ones, really, that can help make sense out of this healthcare bill, because without the purple shirt, this bill, you'd look at this and say why in the world would we ever do this, why? this is over 2,000 pages, just to run healthcare. this is 17 pages.
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it's the constitution. hmm. this one runs the entire country. this one just runs healthcare. something doesn't seem right here. you remember the polls i just gave you? america has spoken clearly, consistently, we don't want this, and for the first time in history, we don't think it's the government's place to give it to us. we're kind of reading this from time to time now. we are, excuse this analogy, but i feel like it's true, we're the young girl saying no, no, help me, and the government is roman polanski. in the end, i think we're all going to be cowering in france. why would we do this? we can't afford it. are unfunded -- our unfunded liabilities in the u.s. now are $105 trillion. $105 trillion. what does it mean, unfunded liabilitys? well, that means the promises
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washington has made to us and our parents and our grandparents and our kids, the promises that they said oh, yeah, we're going to have these things for you that we don't have the money to cover. $105 trillion. that's basically an overdraft on our bank. now we want to add to it. a few months ago -- see, this is where it gets confusing. i remember the president saying that we were in a fiscal crisis that we may not be able to reverse. listen. >> our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that at some point we may not be able to reverse. glenn: all right. so in all the sense that none of our founders would have understood, he said the best thing we have to do is spend a trillion dollars on a stimulus and he promised us that our unemployment would stay under 8%. well, now it's 10.2%. he said that couldn't happen, if we passed the bill that he wanted, which was a trillion dollars or almost. we did. how is america supposed to feel confident that this time
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washington will get it right? i don't. by the look of of the polls, i don't think most americans feel they can get it right either. just look at the track record n1967, the house ways and means committee, the place that charlie rangel is currently overseeing, they predicted future medicare would cost only about $12 billion. the actual number was $110 billion. last year, it was over $400 billion. you see, they estimated wrong. o now they have estimated $1 billion would last four months for cash for clunkers. it was broke in a week. social security is going to be bankrupt in 30 years. if we make it 30 years. obama has proposed at least $10 trillion in welfare spending now, and yet now he's in china as he's showing how strong we to china, and he's
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acting like somehow or another he's being fiscally responsible. he keeps using the term "deficit neutral. " love this one. >> congress needs to know that when i say this has to be deficit neutral, i mean it. >> i will not sign a healthcare bill that is not deficit neutral. >> this can't add to our deficit. it's got to be deficit neutral glenn: this one is going to make sense. but this one, they have a problem with. this is like, i don't know how many millions of words. this one in the second amendment has ten words and people can't figure that one out. but this one is definitely going to be deficit neutral. how exactly do you do that? deficit neutral. oh, i remember. they're going to pay with this for this with savings. well, this sounds like i got a bridge for you over in brooklyn i want to -- you know what i'm saying? but i want to be fair to the president so this morning at 7 owe chock i got our
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researcher -- at 7:00 o'clock i got our researchers on the times that the government has successfully saved money, and here is the -- we couldn't fine anything. we did find this cool arrow. that's t i'm one of those old-fashioned people that do the crazy whacky thing called saving. now, i think you're doing that more and more, as things are going on, because you're seeing that it doesn't make sense on how we have been living. the government doesn't understand this savings thing. let me explain it to them. if i want something, i set money aside, and then i buy it. i know, it's a radical idea. now, here's the question no politician will bother answering. if this bill doesn't kick in until 2013, which is so convenient, because isn't that a year after the next presidential election?
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coincidence, i'm sure. why not -- they're going to say, oh, we're going to save upon ny to be able to pay for t yeah, yeah. why not let's do this -- why don't we see if you can actually cut the money in savings that you are promising that are coming our way. why don't you do that and make the bill conditional? are we out of paper after this? we can add one phrase that you can't get this unless the savings have actually been accomplished before we commit to anything. oh, i know, my gosh, it is just another radical extremist idea. another question, again, one of those hateful old-fashioned types, but when i hear a trillion dollars, i'm thinking, wow, that's a lot of money. i'm thinking how many rolls-royces could you buy with that, but by their own admission, this plan is not a rolls-royce plan. it doesn't even cover everyone. as many as 30 million people will still have no insurance.
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why would we do this? i mean, we have heard about all the problems that the other people have already had all around the world that have tried this solution. doctors, you now have a lottery in canada. you want to see a doctor? i hope you get the right number because there is a lottery in canada to see a doctor. the 4,000 babies that are born in hallways of great britain because they don't have enough delivery rooms and of course the group doctor's visits. if you have have the sniffles, you will get together with a group of people who have the sniffles and you will all go see one doctor together. it's called romney care in massachusetts. it is the same story everywhere where it has been tried, so we give them the rolls-royce money, and we get a pugeot instead, and one that is not even running. it doesn't make sense. but wait! i almost forgot!
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it's purple day on the glenn beck program. let me summon the purple shirt people there. there they are. you got a problem with that? see, they're not happy, because none of these stats asdz up unless you're wearing a purple shurts. special interests are. could it have something to do with special interests? , no, no, no, the president himself said we're going to get rid of all of those evil special interests are in washington, no! >> we're going to have to change the culture in washington so that lobbyists and special interests aren't driving the process and your voices aren't being drowned out. glenn: see, he has promised us. how is that working out, america? let's start with a few of the special interests. how about aarp? aarp is, strangely, for this plan. i have been trying to figure this one out. even though a majority of seniors oppose it, they're for it. now, it's pretty obvious that cutting $500 billion from medicare probably won't help the seniors, you know, already
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on it, but maybe aarp wants it bought of the estimated 12 million seniors who will now need to purchase expensive medigap insurance that's offered through -- wait for it, wait for it --. attorneys aren't complaining. nobody has said a a word about tort reform. doesn't tort reform seem like it should be something this huge? no, attorneys licking their chops, because it's going to open up a whole new area of litigation. you see, before, attorneys who sued healthcare insurance companies for denied medical care were only entitled to the cost of the service for which was denied, but under this legislation, attorneys could sue those same insurance companies, not the government, just the insurance companies, the private guys for pain and suffering, lost wages, wrongful death. pain and suffering. see, may i translate? b.s. into english i translate
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from time to time. i believe pain and suffering is, gobs of cash. that's what this is about. the attorneys are going to make a whole lot of money, and they're going to put those industries out of business. now, what about the fence sitters in congress. what about the last-minute yes votes. what convinced them? who was on page 1,672 that they went, oh, my gosh, i'm suddenly for this? well, representative ann gow, the lone g.o.p. vote said it was pom misses of future support for new orleans, senator coup and another representative said he would get assistance for his state, drought assistance for his state. good for you, dennis. michael mccod from maine said he was won over by personal coaxing by the president. can i show the guys in the purple shirts again? personal coaxing. i believe my grandfather would have called it bribes or scare
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tactics. you see, these people don't care about what their constituents want. you are remember the polls? we don't want. this we're consistent on this. they're on the take. guess who they're taking from? you. and the biggest winner the healthcare sweepstakes, here it is -- the unions. seiu, andy stern -- ok, don't ham it up now! andy stern, the president of s-e i u, a union of 2.2 million people, leads the white house visitors' list. 22 visits he has been to the white house more than anybody else, so what is it the president and andy stern talk about together? >> we're debating healthcare. i have talked to andy stern and seiu members. >> they won't talk to you at a town hall meeting, but he will talk to andy stern, not you, but andy stern. he consults with andy stern at least 22 visits to the white house. stern, by the way, represents
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2.2 million people. let me just give you an idea here. there are 3r million people who gather together at their set every day and watch this television show, this show, 3 million people. can you imagine if the president of the united states said, the person i talk to most on the issues on the economy and national offense is glenn beck at fox news! and i was the most frequent visitor of the white house and i had all of those visits. you can imagine that? no one would stand for it, nor should they. the president shouldn't be talking to anyone who leads a group who leads one million or two million or ten millions. he is here to lead the entire group. it used to be called, in my old-fashioned america, justice for all. the reason they continue to push for this when you are saying no, clearly, is because you're not the one they're actually listening to, unless you're wearing one of those purple shirts. i said this well over a year ago, maybe two years ago. the unions are in trouble.
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they desperately need government healthcare, because they have promised far too much. huge benefit packages, massive retirement pensions have the unions scrambling to unload the burden, and guess who the lucky e sip yent of that burden is -- lucky recipient of that burden is? you. how can he do that? it doesn't make sense. remember, though, his life's work is not about you. >> i have spent my entire adult life working with seiu. i'm not a newcomer to this! glenn: boy, he had some passion there, didn't he? all his life he has been working for seiu, work for those 2.2 million. we know the president has a lot in common with andy stern and his goals, but do you? let's refresh what are the goals of andy stern and seiu. >> workers of the world unite. it's not just a slogan
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anymore. it's a way we have to do our work. glenn: workers of the world unite. that's a really dicey kind of phrase there. you might have heard that before, because it's the old communist slogan. workers of the world unite. good thing there hasn't been a recent rash of communist radicals running around the white house, right? because then i would really be concerned. let's for a moment give old andy stern the benefit of the doubt, that he just went to the anita dunn school of comedy over and over again. what else does andy stern and seiu believe? >> vote question is how is everyone going to share in the wealth? i think after we get through this healthcare situation and finally solve this problem of 223 years, we are going to see a change in our labor laws. glenn: so how is it we all share the wealth? another line that karl marx liked to say, and a 223-year mistake. i think he was talking about a 233-year mistake, which would be america. how much influence does andy
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stern and the sei-u have over barack obama? i'll show you. seiu has a new movie t has come out in the movie theaters october 30. oh, you didn't see it? well, it was in a limited release only in the artsy theaters, called "labor day," when win something the only option, subtitled, the topic, how seiu got obama elected. here is the trailer. >> ordinary people can do extraordinary things so long as they are organized, so long as they are mobilized, so long as they are unionized! >> i would like to introduce to you the next president of the united states, barack obama! >> thank you, cleveland! give it up for se i u! glenn: these are the people that claim they got the president elected. whose interest is the government acting on in this bill? we can't afford it. it doesn't cover everybody. special interests are being
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paid off. call it whatever you want. i call it bribes are being had in washington do get this passed t certainly doesn't seem like you are going to be helped by this. tonight, i want to give you a little more than just a beat-down on seiu or the healthcare. i would like to give you a plan of action, something you can do that would be positive if you happen to agree with me. some members of congress are on the fence including ben nelson, blanche lincoln, mary landrieu. call them, only if you live in their districts. call them, ask them, what is it that you have been promised, what is in it for you? remind them that you will be listening and watching, and if they come out for this, they really should have a good explanation, because if they lived in my district, i would swear -- i mean, even if i was dead, i would come back as a ghost and campaign against them. you see, right now, the only thing these people want is to get re-elected, and they're
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afraid, but they have more fear in the big purple monster than faith in we the people. you speak without fear. tell them no means no, but look out, be warned if you do, the big purple seiu monster doesn't like no, and isn't used to taking no for an answer. next, the seiu beat-down that you need to see.
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glenn: i've just told you we have special interests are in the white house and that's why healthcare is going to go through. whether you like it or not, i think this nonsense on the side is just that. yes, they will. let me add the next layer to this, the special interests are thugs. they are not used to taking no for an answer. let me tell you about this guy. his name is kenneth gladeny. when kenneth heard about the opportunity to have his voice be heard at a town hall on healthcare he jumped at the chance to go. once there, he started to hand out these don't tread on me flags. that's when it happened. he was attacked and beaten by several thugs from seiu.
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the union that the president knows quite well. we're trying to use the persuasion of power. >> gladdeny was an african-american. he was not only physically beaten, he was called the n word. you would think that the president wouldn't rest until justice came swiftly to those seiu thugs, yet here we are over 90 days later and there are no charges here, none. here is one of the guys who beat him and he has an seiu attorney, which is strange. mr. president, have the prosecutors or is it just the police that have acted stupidly in this case, or perhaps -- i mean, you agree with seiu on so many things, maybe you feel that justice was served that day. >> i have spent my entire adult life working with seiu! i'm not a newcomer to this!
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glenn: no, he's not t seems like this is what seiu does. it is what they did to a t.v. or ther in california earlier this month. they left him bloodied and in the hospital. >> we took names. we watched how they voted. we know where they live. >> glenn: even the boy scouts aren't safe from seiu's thugery. in allentown, a 17-year-old eagle scout worked 200 hours to clear a walking path at a park. this is a boy scout. this apparently is a no-no in allentown, because the park is managed by seiu and an seiu spokesman said we're looking into the cub scout or the boy scout who did the trails. this is who is getting priority in america. these are the people, the beat-downs.
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seiu, andy stern. it's not you. the workers of the world unite. seiu. i'm going to explain this chart to you in just a second. back in a moment. cheer clear cleerp clear
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>> the week-long search for a missing five-year-old girl ended today with the tragic discovery of her body. shaniya davis was found dead in central north carolina this afternoon. two people have been charged in her disappearance, including her mother is accused of offering her own child for sex. president obama had an inform informal dinner with president too in his first full day in china the pair will meet tomorrow to speak about the nuke threat and more, and space shuttle atlantis blasted off safely a few hours ago. the 11-day trip will deliver 14 tons of spare part to the international space station. bret baier now previews "special report."
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>> coming up, a non-partisan report looks at what hundreds of billions of dollars of cuts in medicare would mean to seniors. we will look at that, plus brit hume's analysis of the president's trip, and afghanistan. join me in 26 minutes at the top of the show. glenn: despite what anybody in washington says, the polls on this healthcare bill, whether you want it or not, are one-point lower than they were on hillary care, which was a joke for years. why is this going through? to give you perspective, this will just run healthcare. these 17 pages, the constitution, it runs the whole system. what do you think? do you think there might be a problem here? why is this going through? well, let me show you. i've already showed you seiu has an awful lot to gain.
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they're putting a movie out now. they have a movie out now that shows congratulations, everybody, the president was elected by seiu, and then the beat-downs, the beat-downs. here is a guy who was beaten down in st. louis. his attorney -- this is the guy who did it -- one of the guys. we only have pictures of one of them. the seiu is andy stern, chief visitor to the white house. this has not been prosecuted, but in 2000, this guy, a republican, he actually i think tried to take a picture of dick gephardt and one of his aides pushed him and talk and took the camera and this guy pushed him out of the way, something like. that within two days, this woman filed charges and got it done. ok. filed charges against him. there are no charges here with seiu. why? same people are involved.
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two days. over 90 days. john loudoun is here, a state senator in missouri and he has been following the gladdeny story. what am i missing here? >> you're not missing anything. the cameraman was the gephardt operative and bill fedor was given gephardt the race of his life. they threw the book at him. it was an ordinance violation. it was basically peace disturbance and she managed to come in on columbus day, a holiday, pa trishing readington, a county counselor, charges on a holiday. this guy was beaten. he was called the n word. i mean, i can't think of a case that president obama, if he actually meant what he said and said what he meant, i can't think of a case that would be more important to an african-american president than defending this man's right to speak, but nobody is involved. now, we understand that it's pat readington that is supposed to be filing the
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charges an bill mccullough passed it off to her. can you tell me what is happening here? >> in the jurisdictions, you have the elected prosecutor, robert mccullough who has ultimate jurisdiction f they thinks this is a hate crime, and if he doesn't think this is gang violence or stiffling political free speech, he can call the press conference, file charges and take it over. he doesn't apparently think it rises to that level, so he's laying it -- leaving it in patricia reddington's court. she is a democrat-appointed county counselor. she serves at the pleasure of the democrat county executive, charlie dooley. between dooley and r exddington, they have to figure out what to do with this thing because we're tired of having this swept under the rug and glad to have you and andrew breitbart and big government, these for folks come in and expose things to the light of day. glenn: i have to tell you, it is so clear to any thinking american what is going on here. it's clear.
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we're not going to let this story fall off to the wayside. we a want answers. >> thank you. glenn: you bet. we'll talk again. now, i know i'm kind of puffy, ok, a lot of puffy, but the fat kid on south park had to play me, and your guns, coming up. >> please buy it it is available now on dvd. what happened to morals? what happened to dignity?
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glenn: you haven't lived until "south park" has done an entire episode on you. last week eric hartman played a much thinner version of me. then, over the weekend, even more animation. this time, from the "new yorker" magazine, in which they called me energetically hateful, truth twisting and
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the biggest lie of all, only "barely overweight." by the way, an interesting fact about "the new yorker," it still exists. i mean, they're still printing it. who knew? anyway, this was a cap on a quite prolific period of beck bashing, you know, by the way, all the targets like, for instance, did you know that i write crazy things on a blackboard. they got that one right. >> let's exactly look at what our school president wants what is she trying to achieve? >> i also realized you could rearrange the letters of your name to spell a gret. follow me something quickly. i want to show you something. follow me. i want to show you something. think of a very, quickly if you will, of what your ap pen appendix is connected to. glenn: that's a very funny bit. congratulations, john, very funny stuff.
5:41 pm
another target is that i kai like a little girl. they got that one. >> and so now we have plenty of pens here. and i love america. >> there's a war going on. >> the mistakes are nothing less than glenn beck's internal organs. all of those more original than the last, but just to prove that we are in parallel universe, here are eight words that you never ever thought you would hear. "glenn beck is on the cover of playboy." thankfully, no pictures were involved. instead, just the novel concept of a glenn beck take-down. i will give playboy credit. unlike the rest of the media, at least they are rad mitting to a take-down. but if you could navigate
5:42 pm
between the cheeks and nipples, you will find this well-researched critique. "there is something so brain rattingly foolish about his understanding of history, that it embarrasses me merely to set it down among the shapely babes of playboy." oh, yes, you wouldn't want the giggling co-eds to think you didn't understand the age of enlightenment. what is it that he writes that i don't understand. he thinks all the founders were religious and for small government even though thomas payne was there and alexander hamilton. it's not a point that if you actually watch the show or listen to the show, you would have heard me talk about this over and over and over again. >> thomas payne was an atheist. john adams probably the most christian of our founding fathers. you have thomas jefferson who said there should be a revolution every 25 years in this country, that there should be no control from a central state or very, very little, almost anarchy,
5:43 pm
fighting right next to him was alexander hamilton who said we should go back and have kings. we should do what we did over in england. we'll just do it right. huge government. no government. and yet they were all founders. they all loved the united states of america. glenn: oh, i guess that playboy journalist missed that. have we come to a time where even the leaders of porn journalism don't do their research? what would ms. january say? what would ms. january's founding fathers say in between all the self-loathing and regret, of course? but this story really wasn't about me. it's about you. as you know or may not know, in playboy, they are all about the pictures more than anyone else. here is a picture you have to see. this is a two-page picture. this is what the media and progressive politicians think of you, not me. playboy doesn't care enough to
5:44 pm
try to hide their disgust. let me point out a few things in this picture on the story about me. there is is a guy praying. there is a bible, a gun, a confederate flag, an assault rifle leaning against the wall, pictures of me and hannity, et cetera. to the media in washington, you're not in america standing up for yourself for the first time. you're that guy, in his basement, crazy militia member locked in his basement with your god, your guns an a can of miller high life, so why are they trying to minimize your voice? let's end our journey once again with "south park," during the episode my mini me, cardman, is accusing the class president, wendy, of all sorts of crazy things. >> what the hell do you think you're doing? i looked for your stupid book. it is 540 pages of ripping on wendy and calling her a slut. >> i do not directly say she's a slut. you didn't read the rest, dude >> or does she? >> that's a question.
5:45 pm
i'm asking questions! >> have we gotten to a place we couldn't ask a question? what were my questions or ak sayings? my accusation is that van jones is a communist revoluntionary r i didn't describe him that way. in his own words he described himself that way. he was a 9/11 truther. he was forced to step down. was it that the administration was using n.e.a. as a propaganda arm for the administration? that was a question. we played tapes of the call with quoas si sergeant and quoas yosi sergeant had to step down, and how was this crazy accusation, that anita dunn was a left wing nut job. we played the tapes of her preaching the virtues of mao to a bunch of high school students. yeah, she just stepped down a few days ago. how about this, maybe it was a crazy accusation that acorn was deeply corrupt. that was crazy, huh? we played the tapes of them trying to help underaged prostitutes come into the country illegally. they fired the employ whys an lost their federal funding. or was it that andy stern of
5:46 pm
seiu has undue influence in this administration? well, the visitor logs now show that he has visited the white house more than anyone else that we know of since obama took office o.t. come meet the south park analogy, here in the real world, all of those wendys really were sluts. in fact, most of them called themselves sluts. the they spook about the benefits of slutdom on take tape and then they were caught being slutty all over again and we put them on television saying that. it is just that no one wants to believe that their representatives sluts, even when they say it themselves, but america, no matter what "the new yorker" says, sometimes our politicians really sluts. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
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or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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glenn: with bill o'reilly and i are going on the road in january. check it out at glenn terrorism at fort hood and not even two weeks have gone by and lawmakers are scrambling to blame the massacre on america's love of guns. yeah.
5:51 pm
maybe it will boost gun laws. yesterday it was mayor daley of chicago, and yesterday it was chuck schumer. >> america loves guns. we love guns to a point that we see the devastation on a daily basis, and you don't blame a group. you don't blame a society. you don't blame the community because of individuals of one individual. you cannot say that. >> the fort hood shooter didn't just slip through the cracks. he walked right through a gaping hole in the federal system to keep guns out of the hands of the potential terrorists are. >> wayne lapeer, friend and c.e.o. and exexecutive vice president of the national rifle association full disclosure. i told >> couple of weeks ago when peta was on, there are only two groups that mean what they say and mean what they say, and it is peta and the national rifle association. i don't agree with peta but i
5:52 pm
am a member of the n.r.a. so wayne, what did you think of the chuck schumer thing? >> whenever a tragedy occurs, schumer drags out the raggedy old scarecrow of gun bans an gun col and tries to make it fit the situation. this was a failure, but not on the part of gun laws. this was a failure on the part of the institution and the political correctness coming out of the washington, d.c. glenn: everybody had the information. they knew. >> this guy did everything except stand in the street and light his hair on fire and say i'm a danger. the guys at walter reed, his colleagues, wrote up reports on him. his patients complained. the f.b.i. saw the e-mails and nobody did a thing because of the political correctness in this country right now. glenn: go ahead. >> mainstream media isn't saying much about it and the politicians in washington
5:53 pm
aren't, but i travel all over this country, and i tell you, the american public is fed up. glenn: wayne, i think this is where americans are fed up. they're fed up of hearing about how dangerous -- i mean, you just heard richard daley say this, america loves guns. what are you talking about? we have a right to guns. america loves cars. yeah, we do. some own them, some don't. every time they start to come after the guns, but even without any violence, any violence whatsoever, tea party members are already accused of inciting violence and everything else. can you imagine what the media response would be and how it would be wall to wall coverage if this guy, god forbid would have been a tea partygoer? they would have condemned everything about the tea party movement, everybody in it and pulled guns out of everybody's home that was trying to stand up and say we need reduced-sized government. do you agree or disagree with that?
5:54 pm
>> yeah, i think it is a failure on the part of the institutions, largely because of the mill correctness, and it's a failure onto part of our government institutions the size up the failure of the government after hurricane katrina hit new orleans to protect anybody. my gosh, those brave americans that lost their lives in a lot of ways would have been better in a public place in texas where there might have been a right to carry permit holders, because they could have instantaneously responded to that terrorist, but the mind-set coming out in washington is largely disarming our military bases. what message does that send to al qaeda that watch this thing that our military bases are largely disarmed with the exception of civilian police and, thank god that woment was that woman was there to try to protect these bases. glenn: i don't understand how we can be a nation at war and have a disarmed base. if this isn't a shark bump, i
5:55 pm
don't know what it is. i don't know if you are aware what a shark bump, but a shark will come up just to see what you are, and it will bump into you, and if if you react, then it attacks. it bumps in to see what kind of predator you are, what kind of danger you are, are if it can eat you easily. i'm not saying this is a planned shark bump, but that is what is being read as now. they are looking at it now saying look how easy it is to get into these camps and these forts ax if you there is one thing we have learned in all these situations is the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. an instantaneous responder are always better than first responders because they're always minutes away when seconds count. glenn: thank you for being onto program. we'll be back, america.
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glenn: i'd love to for you to join me. last year i played 8 characters, a story of a novel
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